NFDA Membership

The National Funeral Directors’ Association has been the leading voice in the Australian funeral industry since 1995. The association aims to keep funeral directors up-to-date with developments and industry legislation, provide resources, as well as identifying emerging pathways to success for funeral directors.

About NFDA Membership

In becoming a member of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia you are gaining access to a community of funeral directors and suppliers with countless years of experience and knowledge across the Australian funeral industry

NDFA Membership Benefits

Career Development Benefits

Peer Support & Mentor Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Updates on legislation & related news

Professional Development Resources

Partner & Supplier Access

Six advantages of an NFDA Membership

The NFDA promotes a forum for discussion and provides a base for both networking and co-operative interaction, with the aim of providing members with the opportunity to benefit from the advantages listed below:

Code of Practice & Ethics

Our Codes of Practice and Ethics are designed to promote high ethical and professional standards within the Australian funeral industry.

As a member you can rest assured knowing that all National Funeral Directors Association of Australia Member funeral businesses comply with these codes and are promoting and represting these industry standards.

Training & Mentoring

Our membership base consists of some of the nation’s oldest and most respected funeral businesses as well as some of its’ up and coming funeral organisations.

The NFDA provides a number of support and mentoring opportunities for members and their staff giving them the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and support other Funeral Directors.


The NFDA promotes cooperation with its members and other professional bodies in the interest of the progressive development of the funeral industry.

Current members take an opportunity to network with other funeral directors at our annual General Meeting which is held at the same time as our annual NFDA Conference.


The NFDA is made up of member entities who have equal voting rights, irrespective of size or number of affiliates. In addition, Members only pay one annual, universal membership fee with no ongoing per funeral fees.


We strive to protect the interests of both consumers and NFDA members. The NFDA also covers its members for full copyright use, including reproduction, copying and printing for all mediums.


Being part of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia means gaining access to Australian-owned Funeral Industry Suppliers & Partners, many of which are leaders in their fields.