About NFDA

Established in 1995, the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia (NFDA) is a nationwide network of Australian Funeral Directors and Suppliers to the Funeral Industry.

Why choose an NFDA member as your funeral director?

Members of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia (NFDA) provide quality service to their client families and their communities, with great emphasis on the personal care traditionally associated with the funeral industry. Whilst being able to keep the traditional values of service, our members also embrace the community’s desire to allow funerals to evolve and are able to excel in their mission to meet the needs of their client families.

Member firms are required to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and to become signatories to the NFDA Members Code of Practice on acceptance of their membership to the Association. Funeral Director members’ premises and facilities must comply with the National Funeral Directors’ Association “Minimum Standards” requirements.

NFDA members strive to provide the very best of care and are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you would like more information about your closest NFDA member, enter the relevant information into the search section of this website, or contact the secretary through the contact page.

Committed to Quality High Funeral Standards

No matter how a death occurs, families can be thrown into an unknown realm of grief and sadness, not knowing what to do or who to turn to. Although a difficult call to make while caring for a loved one in their final days, a call to your preferred Australian funeral director before a death occurs can be reassuring, as the first contact you may have with them could be late at night, under extremely stressful circumstances.

It is reassuring to know that an NFDA member firm will guide you through the process and help you make arrangements at what can be a very upsetting time. The NFDA is dedicated to maintaining the highest of standards throughout the funeral profession to ensure bereaved families receive the advice and support they need and deserve. You can rest assured that our NFDA members uphold the highest professional standards.

Committed to High Standards

Every State has different legislation pertaining to the funeral industry, but Members of the NFDA are signatories to the NFDA Code of Practice and, as such, offer only the highest standards of funeral service to their Australian communities. Your funeral director will meet with you to discuss and explain the many aspects of the funeral with the family, setting out the various choices available and the costs involved. Funerals can be arranged in the comfort and security of your own home, or at the funeral director’s offices.

Services provided by the funeral director may include:

  • Arrange for transport of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Provide mortuary services and dressing for preparing deceased for viewing and funeral
  • Book a church, chapel or other venue for funeral service
  • Liaise with cemetery or crematoriums
  • Liaise with clergy or celebrant
  • Place death and / or funeral notices in newspapers or other form of media
  • Organise family floral tributes
  • Organise Orders of Service
  • Organise Photo Presentations
  • Conduct the funeral service on the day and time arranged
  • Finalise the necessary paperwork to ensure all legal requirements are met
  • Register the death with the relevant Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry

Talk to your local NFDA Funeral Director Member about the services they provide. With their expertise, support and advice, you can create a unique and meaningful farewell that brings with it comfort and peace as you journey on following your loss.

NFDA Mission

The mission of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia (NFDA) is to provide a national forum to broaden the knowledge, professionalism and business excellence of Association members and other Australian funeral directors through the exchange of ideas, information and experiences.

Our Objectives

● Foster and develop professional funeral standards throughout the funeral industry.

● Liaise constructively with all levels of government and funeral industry stakeholders.

● Provide our Members with all the guidance, knowledge and services required to continually improve on delivering professional funeral standards.

● Promote the NFDA within the funeral industry, throughout Australia and Internationally.

Ethics and Codes

Our Codes of Ethics and Practice are an essential part of how our members function and form the basis of how we serve the Australian families and communities.

Code of Ethics

  • To promote funeral firms that are unified in their commitment to Australian Ethics and Values in funeral service
  • To provide the highest standard of service at a reasonable and realistic cost
  • To provide a high standard of facilities which are adequately equipped for all services provided
  • To provide staff who are well trained and experienced in all aspects of the funeral profession
  • To always be scrupulous in the confidentiality of client’s personal information
  • To always be conscientious in our dealings with government authorities or industry related business
  • To ensure that all advertising is genuinely informative, truthful and in good taste
  • To be conversant with the laws of the land as they apply to the funeral industry
  • To give a written, itemised estimate of costs when required by families at the time of taking instruction
  • To always be scrupulous in the handling of pre-paid funerals and the associated funds entrusted to us
  • To always make ourselves available to members of the community who seek our advice, expertise or assistance in matters relating to the funeral industry
  • To always conduct ourselves in a professional manner befitting the funeral industry and to ensure that the our conduct does not bring the funeral industry into disrepute
  • To respect our fellow NFDA members and support them through responsible business practices

Code of Practice

This Code of Practice has been developed for Funeral Companies / Businesses who are full members of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia Ltd. All funeral director members of the NFDA must become signatories to the Members Code of Practice.

Download a copy of the NFDA Members Code of Practice, or ask your local NFDA member for a copy of the Code.

The NFDA Board

Danny Woods

New South Wales

Daniel Woods Funeral Care,
Wagga Wagga, NSW

Bronwyn Aspinall


Candlepines Undertakers,
Williamstown, VIC

Jamie Grant

South Australia

Fulham Funerals, Underdale SA

Robert Murphy

Northern Territory

Territory Funerals,
Darwin, NT

Michael Mackay

New South Wales

Mackay Family Funerals
Ourimbah, NSW

Ben Steicke

Western Australia

Dawsons Funeral Home,
Narrogin, WA

Anton Brown


Anton Brown Funerals
Woolloongabba, QLD

Michael Crawford


Michael Crawford Funerals,
Bacchus Marsh, VIC

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