Pre-Planning A Funeral

It is never easy to plan a funeral, but being prepared can go a long way to making your decisions a little easier when the time comes. While some things can only be done after someone passes away, there are also plenty of decisions you can make while your loved one is still alive.


Having to plan a funeral service is one of the hardest things a family will ever have to do. Amongst the grief and sadness of death, families must make emotional and financial decisions while dealing with incredible stress. Does your family know whether you want to be cremated or buried? Do they know all the information needed to complete the paperwork?

Preplanning and / or prepaying for your funeral can help you ease the burden on your loved ones, both financially and emotionally.


It’s important to record your wishes as to how you want your funeral conducted. You can record as little or as much as you like; our members also make a record of the information required for government records and your instructions can always be changed or updated as you wish.

Once you have talked to your funeral director and have decided on the details of your funeral, you can then, if you wish, make financial arrangements for your funeral service.


Setting aside money to meet the expenses of a funeral? This can be done by investing in a funeral bond or taking out funeral insurance. Of course, you can always start your own savings account or put money aside in a term deposit to cover your funeral costs.

Aged Pensioners can benefit from pre-paying your funeral by investing in pre-paid funeral plans or funeral bonds.

State Legislation

The following states have pre-paid funeral regulations in place.

Click on the State for a link to relevant information: