NFDA Member Information & Benefits

In becoming a member of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia you are gaining access to a community of funeral directors and suppliers with countless years of experience and knowledge across the Australian funeral industry

Why become an NFDA member?

Becoming a member of the NFDA will bring you the following:

● Access to a formal complaints process

● Fellowship and support

● Equality among all members

● Compliance with NFDA Code of Ethics and NFDA Code of Practice

● Quarterly newsletters providing a platform for open communication and discourse between members, suppliers and industry partners

● Generations of funeral industry experience and knowledge within membership ranks

● All members are bound by the rules and regulations as set out in the NFDA Articles of Association.

NFDA Member Benefits

When you become a member of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia, you will receive the following benefits:

Career Development

We encourage and support all staff to invest time in their professional development by furthering their knowledge of the industry through training and information seminars. These are supplemented with various educational diplomas and certificates via Registered Training Organisations.

Additionally, you’ll have access to other members who have extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Peer Support & Mentoring Opportunities

We encourage a culture of sharing knowledge and ideas, advice and support amongst members. We’re extremely proud of our caring and inclusive environment supporting members throughout Australia.

Networking Opportunities

The big opportunity to build connections and network throughout the funeral industry is our annual conference. Each year we open the doors to members, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders within the funeral industry to connect, share ideas, discuss new ideas and establish relationships.

Each quarter we issue newsletters sharing content and business promotion amongst members. We hold sponsored training sessions, and coordinate social functionals between members, suppliers, and industry partners to further facilitate networking and connections.

Updates on Legislation & Related News

The NFDA provides advice, support and updates on any industry issues relating to the operation of your business – legislation, occupational work health and safety and industrial relations matters or relevant media stories.

Professional Development Resources

Not only are you encouraged to attend training sessions and mentoring, there is also a catalogue of recorded presentations that you can access at your own pace.

Partner & Supplier Access

Information is shared freely between members, suppliers, and industry partners in order to better support all members regardless of their size.

There is also regular communication between the board, and the members, suppliers, and partners.

Additional Member Benefits

In addition to the benefits outlined above by joining the NFDA you will also have access to the below benefits:

  • Discounted copyright coverage
  • Access to webinars – ‘live stream’ and ‘recordings’
  • One annual membership fee with no ‘per funeral’ charges
  • Equal voting rights for all members
  • Access to an existing industry network grown and cultivated over many years of close association and respectful business interactions between past and current members, our suppliers and industry partners
  • Confidence and peace of mind that comes from being a member of an industry leader
  • Business advice, support and mentoring
  • Progressive Association constantly seeking ways to develop and enhance services and support for members.

Applying to Become a Member

All National Funeral Directors Association of Australia members must ensure that their business property, equipment and vehicles meet the standards set by the NFDA. All NFDA members are required to become signatories to the NFDA Code of Practice. All new member applications are bound by the rules and regulations of NFDA Articles of Association.

Please contact the NFDA administration team on 1300 556 860 or email for further information on NFDA membership application.

NFDA Member Directory

All members adhere to our Code of Ethics and are signatories to the NFDA Code of Practice, providing assurance to families that a funeral director who is a member of the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia offers only the highest level of quality and professionalism in funeral service to the communities that they serve.

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