Privacy Policy

The NFDA (the Association) has set up this website to assist the public with access to information on funerals and to enable them to find funeral director members of the Association who may be able to offer them services which they require. As such, no personal information is requested in the supply of this information.

The Association also provides to its members access to members only information. Access to this information is by username and password applications. This login information is not collected or tracked by the Association.

This website also provides links to external websites. The inclusion of these links on the Association website does not constitute official endorsement, approval or recommendation of any goods, services, products or advice given or offered through these external websites. Should any visitor to this site find that a link from this site to an external site is not operational, not relevant or not appropriate to be linked to the Association website, please advise the Association through this website contact page.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that any information provided by the Association to either its members or any other person at any time, whether through this website, orally, in writing or by any other means, is accurate and up to date, the Association cannot guarantee that some information may not contain errors or that the information may not be understood and implemented in the intended or correct way.

As such, the Association, their employees, board of directors or any other person acting on their behalf, assumes no legal liability for any information, advice or opinion given from this website, orally, in writing or by any other means.


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