A new memorial area for Perth’s Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park

January 18, 2019 4:57 pm

The result of over 18 months of planning by the planning, operations, client services and marketing teams at the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB), the Santalum Court Memorial Gardens at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park in Perth’s northern suburbs is being well received by families.

Tucked within a naturally shaded bushland pocket, the rambling pathways of Santalum Court were specifically designed to retain the traditional bushland aesthetic while meeting defined community preferences for features within memorial gardens. The area features two significant landscaping features: a flowing creek bordered by limestone memorial rocks and a viewing deck featuring a sculptured, wrought-iron Vine of Remembrance.

According to Marketing Manager, Andrew Fox, ‘One of the challenges we faced with Santalum was the fact that it was in a new pocket of the park and really wasn’t close to the large ornamental lakes and landscaping features that many families prefer. A lake in Santalum was never going to be feasible, so we needed to find an alternative and a different way to make an impact.’

The ornamental creek within the area is bordered by limestone rocks, which have now been made available for memorialisation. The creek itself faces downhill, with water eventually cascading into a large reservoir before being recirculated via a high-flow pump. The effect created is that of constant running water, but water use is actually very low.

The Vine of Remembrance serves two purposes: memorialisation and also that of a traditional handrail. Crafted by Western Australian Artist, Wayne Jeffery, the Vine of Remembrance is an original sculptural piece adding to Pinnaroo’s growing collection of sculptures within garden environments. Cemetery Planning and Development Officer, Andrea Rodgers, was tasked with the challenge of sourcing a sculptural piece and knew she’d found the perfect option in the Vine of Remembrance.

‘We wanted a one-off cemetery piece that really spoke to Pinnaroo. Wayne’s efforts were commendable and he understood what we were trying to achieve. He really went the extra mile to provide an artisan piece that could also accommodate memorialisation.’

Officially made available for memorialisation in July 2018, the client s ervices team at Pinnaroo Valley already had a list of families who had expressed a desire to view the Santalum Court Memorial Gardens, having seen construction taking place. Interest in this memorial garden area remains strong.

This article appeared on the Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association website